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3M Tegaderm

-After the tattoo procedure, I apply a Tegaderm bandage which can stay on for up to 3 days.

-Tegaderm is a synthetic skin/medical wound dressing.

-It is transparent, waterproof, flexible film that forms a protective barrier over the tattooed area.

-This helps the healing process settle in quickly, protects the sensitive skin from pathogens that can cause infections

and helps minimize friction against the fresh tattoo. Tegaderm also helps fresh tattoos from seeping blood, ink and plasma onto clothing and bedding.

-I invest in Tegaderm for myself and my clients to provide tattoos that heal safer with bolder color.


For 3M Tegaderm Bandages:

- in a clean bathroom, gently remove this bandage 2-3 DAYS/48-72 HOURS after application and immediately wash the tattoo 

* take the Tegaderm bandage off as soon as possible if it begins coming off on its own, curls up at the edges, leaks, excessive fluid builds up or if there is any irritation


For Plastic Wrap or Dental Bib/Patient Polyback Towel Bandages:

- in a clean bathroom, remove this bandage 1-3 HOURS after application (soak the bandage in water before removing, if it is sticking to the tattoo at all) and immediately wash the tattoo 


Washing the Fresh Tattoo:


- wash the tattoo with fragrance-free anti-bacterial soap in warm/hot water

- do not scrub the tattoo with anything abrasive until it is healed

- pat dry with clean paper towel (do not use hand/bath towels because they collect germs)

- massage mild fragrance-free lotion into the tattooed area

- wipe off excess lotion with a clean and damp paper towel 

- do not apply another bandage to the tattoo unless guided in doing so


Until the Tattoo is Completely Healed:

-eat healthy and take multi vitamins 

- bathe quickly and do not soak the healing tattoo longer than a few moments 

- do not swim with or soak the fresh tattoo

- avoid direct sunlight on the healing tattooed area

- make sure clothing and bedding is clean during the entire healing process

* wash the tattoo every morning & every night

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